Troubleshoot Distribution Transformers Faster, Safer, Better

Welcome to IFD’s Second Age of Innovation

We invented the IFD sensor with a group of innovative utility engineers. It has become an industry benchmark for safety. Now we are implementing a new technology vision, partnering once again with our customers. From essential sensors to a digital platform, our OpsAware distribution intelligence system gives utilities a strategy for managing and monitoring the network of today and tomorrow.

OpsAware Essential Sensors

The OpsAware Essential Sensors equip your team with a key safety advantage. Reliable, low-profile and factory-installed, they immediately alert on-site field crews of unseen problems, so decision-making is easy and fast. Keep your crews safe and the lights on.

IFD Sensor

The IFD sensor (Internal Fault Detector) is a safety device for troubleshooting transformers. A simple, visual signal warns line crews that a transformer has failed internally and is dangerous to re-energize.

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The TempPatrol over-temp sensor detects that a transformer’s temperature has risen to extreme levels. Two clear, visual alerts allow utilities to proactively address failing equipment and troubleshoot outages faster.

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It’s Time to Solve
the Next Generation
of Grid Challenges

OpsAware Digital Platform

Together with our utility customers, we are embracing a thought-provoking shift in the distribution landscape. The OpsAware Digital Platform allows utilities to reliably sense, analyze and communicate system performance data for simple, actionable intel.